Recent Appointments

List of recently appointed members to Boards and Commissions

Board Name 
Member Name 
Appointment Date 
Term End Date 
Position Requirements 
Utilities CommissionKaren Marie Kemerait 5/2/20226/30/2027At-large
Volunteerism and Community ServiceKathleen W. Evans 4/28/20222/1/2025Representative from the volunteer sector
Parole CommissionHaley E. Phillips 4/25/202212/31/2025Full Time
General Contractors State Licensing BoardEric Reichard 4/21/202212/31/2026Building Construction
Water Treatment Certification BoardRebecca B. Sadosky 4/20/20226/30/2023DEQ Representative
Historic Murfreesboro CommissionMary Harrell 4/11/20223/1/2027At-large
Barber Examiners, North Carolina StateKristina Elizabeth Proctor 4/4/20226/30/2023Public Member
Board of ReviewRegina Smith Adams 3/31/20226/30/2025Representative of Employees
Montgomery Community CollegeTimothy R. McAuley, Sr. 3/30/20226/30/2024At-large
General Contractors State Licensing BoardCarl Daniel 3/29/202212/31/2026Public Member
Criminal Justice Education & TrainingAmir A. Henry 3/28/20226/30/2022Police Chief
Education, State Board ofJohn M. Blackburn 3/28/20223/31/20237th Education District Representative
Volunteerism and Community ServiceTimothy Edward Radford 3/18/20222/1/2025Representative from Local Governments in the State
Military AffairsGeorge G. Bonner 3/16/20227/31/2023retired military from the Coast Guard
NCWorks CommissionJohn Wesley Davis IV3/7/202210/31/2024Business Representative-Business/Military
Financial Literacy CouncilHeather B. Horton 3/3/20222/17/2025Resp. for programs related to financial educationor services/rep from Dept. of Commerce
Financial Literacy CouncilAmalia Mercedes Restucha-Klem 3/3/20222/17/2025Resp. for Programs related to financialeducation orservices/rep from Dept. of Justice
Financial Literacy CouncilLori M. Carlin 3/3/20222/17/2025Resp. for programs related to financial education or services/rep from Dept. of Public Instruction
Financial Literacy CouncilMelissa Marie Hart 3/3/20222/17/2025Resp. for programs related to financial education or services/rep from University of NC
HUB - Historically Underutilized BusinessesDavid O'Neal 3/3/20221/31/2024State Purchasing Officer
HUB - Historically Underutilized BusinessesMichael John Shumsky 3/3/20221/31/2024Director of State Construction Office
Science, Technology, and InnovationGregory Paul Copenhaver 2/28/20226/30/2023UNC-Chapel Hill rep. nominated by UNC President
Science, Technology, and InnovationYonnie Dean Butler 2/25/20226/30/2025Rep. of the NC Community College System
Science, Technology, and InnovationGagan Gupta 2/24/20226/30/2025Rep. of private industry
HUB - Historically Underutilized BusinessesDon Shin 2/24/20221/31/2024HUB Owner, minority categories
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