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List of recently appointed members to Boards and Commissions

Board Name 
Member Name 
Appointment Date 
Term End Date 
Position Requirements 
Elections, North Carolina State Board ofDamon Circosta 8/7/20194/30/2023registered with the political party with the highest number of registered affiliates in the State, from a list of four nominees submitted by the State party chairs of that party
TransportationNina S. Szlosberg-Landis 7/31/20191/15/2023At-large / Urban Mass Transit
TransportationDirk Cody 7/31/20191/15/202314th Transportation Division
TransportationLisa Mathis 7/31/20191/15/20238th Transportation Division
TransportationMajor General Hugh R. Overholt 7/31/20191/15/20232nd Transportation Division
TransportationThomas F. Taft Jr.7/31/20191/15/2021At-Large Environment
TransportationAndrew M. Perkins Jr.7/31/20191/15/20219th Transportation Division
TransportationJack Debnam 7/31/20191/15/2021At-Large Rural
Alcoholic Beverage Control CommissionKaren L. Stout 7/29/2019 At-Large
Marine Fisheries CommissionRobert B. McNeill 7/25/20196/30/2022Recreational Sports Fisherman <10%
Marine Fisheries CommissionMartin H. Posey 7/25/20196/30/2022At-large
General Contractors State Licensing BoardJohn D. Cooper Jr.7/18/201912/31/2023Residential Construction
NCWorks CommissionMiguel Li Puma 7/17/201910/31/2021Business Representative-Pharmaceuticals
Optometry ExaminersCharles V. Sikes Jr.7/16/20195/1/2024Optometrist Nominated by the North Carolina State Optometric Society
Historic Bath CommissionKevin Chandler 7/16/20196/30/2024At-large
Wake Technical Community CollegeJ. Anthony Penry 7/16/20196/30/2023At-large
Public Health, Commission forGene W. Minton 7/15/20194/30/2023Licensed Pharmacist
Historic Bath CommissionHale H. Stephenson 7/15/20196/30/2024At-large
Historic Bath CommissionAlvin D. Powell 7/15/20196/30/2024At-large
Historic Bath CommissionAshley B. Futrell Jr.7/15/20196/30/2024At-large
Historic Bath CommissionTerry Everett 7/15/20196/30/2023At-large
Historic Bath CommissionCarol Boyd Tillman 7/15/20196/30/2023At-large
Historic Bath CommissionSeth A. Effron 7/15/20196/30/2023At-large
Historic Bath CommissionReverend Sarah E. Saxe 7/15/20196/30/2023At-large
County Boards of ElectionsPatricia D. Beaver 7/11/2019 Ashe County Board of Elections Chair
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