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List of recently appointed members to Boards and Commissions

Board Name 
Member Name 
Appointment Date 
Term End Date 
Position Requirements 
Tryon Palace CommissionFern Dixon Cotton 8/3/20215/15/2025At-large
County Boards of ElectionsJimmy Ray Eure 8/3/20216/28/2023Gates County Board of Elections Chair
Building Code CouncilJason Brian Shepherd 8/2/20217/31/2027An active member Of NC Fire Service w/expertise in fire safety
Building Code CouncilDavid A. Gieser 8/2/20217/31/2027Municipal or County Building Inspector
Building Code CouncilNatalie Rose MacDonald 8/2/20217/31/2027Registered Engineer practicing in Mechanical Engineering
Building Code CouncilCarl Christian Berg 8/2/20217/31/2027Registered Engineer practicing in Structural Engineering
Building Code CouncilGloria Carney Shealey 8/2/20217/31/2027Licensed General Contractor
Cape Fear Community CollegeDeloris H. Rhodes 8/2/20216/30/2024At-large
Roanoke River Basin Bi-State CommissionRandall Elbert Lee 8/2/2021 NC Resident who resides within the NC portion of the Basin
Task Force for Racial Equity in Criminal JusticeGina V. Hawkins 7/28/2021 Chiefs of Police Rep.
Task Force for Racial Equity in Criminal JusticeClarence F. Birkhead 7/28/2021 Sheriffs Rep.
Certified Public Accountant ExaminersJodi K. Kruse 7/28/20216/30/2024Certified Public Accountant
Tryon Palace CommissionArwin D. Smallwood 7/28/20215/15/2025At-large
Tryon Palace CommissionLinda Simmons Henry 7/28/20215/15/2025At-large
Deaf and Hard of HearingMichael Tyler Evola 7/27/20216/30/2025Hard Of Hearing
Nash Community CollegeRobbie A. Green 7/27/20216/30/2023At-large
Radiation ProtectionMark D. Venters 7/27/20216/30/2022Experience In Atomic Energy Field Other Than Power Generation
Building CommissionEzequiel Acosta 7/26/20216/30/2024A licensed mechanical contractor whose primary business is or was in the installation of mechanical systems for buildings nominated by the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors of NC
Radiation ProtectionGina E. Cammarano 7/26/2021 Industrial Commission
Auctioneers CommissionMelinda Quick Porter 7/23/20216/30/2024Public Member
Auctioneers CommissionTracy Kyle Swicegood 7/23/20216/30/2024Auctioneer may be Nominated by Auctioneers Assoc.
Railroad Board of DirectorsCharles Bowman 7/22/20216/30/2025At-Large
Railroad Board of DirectorsMalcomb Coley 7/22/20216/30/2025At-Large
Chiropractic ExaminersTiffany L. Jones 7/21/20213/15/2024Public Member
Veterinary Medical BoardTimothy S. Gold 7/19/20216/30/2026Public Member
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