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List of recently appointed members to Boards and Commissions

Board Name 
Member Name 
Appointment Date 
Term End Date 
Position Requirements 
Juvenile Justice Planning CommitteeGianna Venero 4/5/20244/4/2026At-Large
Juvenile Justice Planning CommitteeMatthew G. Hughes 4/5/20244/4/2026Elected Official representing general purpose local government
Energy Policy CouncilJoseph P. Carroll Jr. 3/22/20246/30/2026experience in natural gas and associated hydrocarbon exploration, development, and production
Crime CommissionEleanor June Burns 3/20/20242/28/2027Citizen Under Age 21 at the time of their appointment
Symphony Society Board of Trustees, NCJames C. Gulick 3/20/20243/11/2028At-large
Chiropractic ExaminersD. Curtis Lawson 3/16/20243/15/2027Public Member
Fee-Based Practicing PastoralKent D. Tilley 3/15/20249/30/2025Certified Fee-based Pastoral Counselor Associate
Fee-Based Practicing PastoralLatonya L. Agard 3/15/20249/30/2027Certified Fee-based Practicing Pastoral Counselor
Historic Murfreesboro CommissionSara J. Crowder 3/14/20243/1/2029At-large
Crime CommissionElena Faddoul 3/12/20242/28/2027Citizen Under Age 21 at the time of their appointment
Council for WomenErin Hill Hart 3/12/20246/30/2024At-large
Soil and Water Conservation CommissionPatrick Keith Baker 3/11/20241/10/2027Coastal Regional Representative, nominated by Association of Soil & Water Conservation Districts
Veterans AffairsEdwin Quarles 3/11/20246/30/2025Rep. Of 12th Congressional District
Soil and Water Conservation CommissionBarbara Bleiweis 3/11/20241/10/2025First Vice President/assoc. Of Soil & Water Conservation Districts
Soil and Water Conservation CommissionWilliam Kilpatrick 3/11/20241/10/2025President/ Assoc. Of Soil & Water Conservation Districts
Soil and Water Conservation CommissionGeorge York Teague 3/11/20241/10/2025Immediate Past President/ Assoc. Of Soil & Water Conservation Districts
Speech-Language Pathologists and AudiologistsEric John Formeister 3/9/20249/30/2026Physician/Otolaryngologist
Speech-Language Pathologists and AudiologistsLillian Henderson 3/9/20249/30/2026Speech Pathologist
Executive Mansion Fund, Inc. Board of DirectorsElizabeth Boney Jenkins 3/5/202410/31/2025At-large
Veterans AffairsMaria Donnelly 3/5/20246/30/2027Rep. Of 9th Congressional District
Veterans AffairsOmar Gonzalez 3/5/20246/30/2025Rep. Of 5th Congressional District
Military AffairsJonathan David Flaspoehler 3/5/20247/31/2025Public Member
Aging, Governor`s Advisory Council onCesiah Esther Hernandez 2/26/20246/30/2027At-Large
NCWorks CommissionDarla D. McGlamery 2/26/202410/31/2027Workforce Representative-Labor Training/CBO Veterans/Individuals with disabilities
Juvenile Justice Planning CommitteeDeborah Sheppard 4/5/20244/4/2026Victim or witness advocacy groups including at least one individual with expertise in addressing the challenges of sexual abuse exploitation and traumas
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