Recent Appointments

List of recently appointed members to Boards and Commissions

Board Name 
Member Name 
Appointment Date 
Term End Date 
Position Requirements 
Alamance Community CollegeSylvia Munoz 7/20/20226/30/2026At-large
Deaf and Hard of HearingHope Turpin 7/18/20226/30/2026Deaf
Home Inspectors Licensure BoardDavid Craig Price 7/18/20226/30/2026Licensed General Contractor Nominated By Homebuilders Association
Arts CouncilMarjorie Hodges 7/14/20226/30/2025At-large
Blind, Commission for theEvelis Debbie Mason 7/14/20226/30/2025Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor
Financial Literacy CouncilEbonee J. Streater 7/14/20222/17/2025Public Member/Experience in Financial industry
Textbook CommissionKarina Cameron 7/11/20224/1/2025Elementary School Teacher/Principal
Roanoke Island Historical AssociationChanda J. Branch 7/11/20224/30/2025At-large
County Boards of ElectionsRenee McDermott 7/6/20226/28/2023Polk County Board of Elections Chair
Parks and Recreation AuthorityDouglas M. Auer 7/2/20227/1/2025At-large
Carteret Community CollegePenny Jane Widell Hooper 7/1/20226/30/2026At-large
Educational Services for Exceptional ChildrenLinda R. McDonough 7/1/20226/30/2024Representative of a private school
Licensed Clinical Mental Health CounselorsLevette Subraina Scott 7/1/20226/30/2025LCMHC - Public Sector
State ControllerNels C. Roseland 7/1/20226/30/2029State Controller
Textbook CommissionMaria S. Bishop 6/30/20224/1/2025Parent of a student in High School
Textbook CommissionKathryn M. Bailey 6/30/20224/1/2025High School Teacher/Principal
Textbook CommissionAngela Martin 6/30/20224/1/2025High School Teacher/Principal
Textbook CommissionMelissa S. Jenkins 6/30/20224/1/2025Parent of a student in Elementary School
Textbook CommissionShannon Brayboy 6/30/20224/1/2025High School Teacher/Principal
Textbook CommissionJarrod S. Dennis 6/30/20224/1/2025Superintendent of a local school administrative unit
Textbook CommissionAshton D. Coppley 6/30/20224/1/2025Middle School Teacher/Principal
Textbook CommissionMonica Desha Douglas 6/30/20224/1/2025Parent of a student in Elementary School
Environmental Health Specialist ExaminerBibianna P. Contti 6/23/202212/15/2025Environmental Health Specialist - Eastern
Western Residence Board of DirectorsJennifer Caldwell Vogel 6/23/2022 At-Large
Architecture and Registered Interior Designers, North Carolina Board ofWalton R. Teague 6/1/20224/1/2027Architect
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