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List of recently appointed members to Boards and Commissions

Board Name 
Member Name 
Appointment Date 
Term End Date 
Position Requirements 
Elections and Ethics EnforcementRobert B. Cordle12/3/2018 registered with the political party with the highest number of registered affiliates in the State, from a list of six nominees submitted by the State party chairs of that party.
Marine Fisheries CommissionSamuel K. Romano 11/2/20186/30/2019Commercial Fisherman from the Coastal Region
Marine Fisheries CommissionDouglas Edward Cross 11/2/20186/30/2020Commercial Dealer or Processor from the Coastal Region
Medical BoardChristine M. Khandelwal 11/1/201810/31/2021Licensed Physician Nominated by the Review Panel
Child Well Being Transformation CouncilAnna Carter 11/1/20186/30/2020Representative from DHHS, Division of Child Development and Early Education
Child Well Being Transformation CouncilLisa Tucker Cauley 11/1/20186/30/2020Representative from DHHS, Division of Social Services
Child Well Being Transformation CouncilWilliam L. Lassiter 11/1/20186/30/2020Representative from DPS, Division of Juvenile Justice
Child Well Being Transformation CouncilEric Mallory Harbour 11/1/20186/30/2020Representative from DHHS, Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services
Child Well Being Transformation CouncilCindy L. Bizzell 11/1/20186/30/2020Representative from the Guardian ad Litem program
Child Well Being Transformation CouncilVirginia Knowlton Marcus 11/1/20186/30/2020Representative from Disability Rights NC
Child Well Being Transformation CouncilSusan M. Kansagra 11/1/20186/30/2020Representative from DHHS, Division of Public Health, with expertise in substance abuse disorders
Child Well Being Transformation CouncilKelly Kimple11/1/20186/30/2020Representative from DHHS, Division of Public Health, with expertise in children's health
Child Well Being Transformation CouncilMelissa Anne Clayton 11/1/20186/30/2020Representative from DHHS, Division of Medical Assistance
Child Well Being Transformation CouncilDeana Joy 11/1/20186/30/2020Representative from Children's Advocacy Centers of North Carolina
Child Well Being Transformation CouncilKaren T. McLeod 11/1/20186/30/2020Representative from the North Carolina Child Fatality Task Force
Electrical Contractors State Board ofDaniel Post 10/30/20186/30/2025Public Member
Speech-Language Pathologists and AudiologistsAndrea Bucker 10/30/20189/30/2021Audiologist
Guilford Technical Community CollegeAllison Mullins 10/26/20186/30/2022At-large
Tri-County Community CollegeJames Michael Stevenson 10/26/20186/30/2022At-large
Task Force for Safer SchoolsChristopher J. Suggs 10/26/201812/1/2020A member of the Governor`s Crime Commission appointed by the Governor.
Podiatry ExaminersGloria Lewis 10/25/20186/30/2020Public Member
Massage And BodyworkKay L. Warren 10/25/20186/30/2019Licensed massage therapist for at least five of last seven years.
Alamance Community CollegeCynthia J. Winters 10/24/20186/30/2022At-large
Blue Ridge Community CollegeVivian A. Bolanos 10/24/20186/30/2022At-large
Mental Health, DD & SASNancy B. Lamb 10/23/20186/30/2021Substance Abuse Services Family Member
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