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List of recently appointed members to Boards and Commissions

Board Name 
Member Name 
Appointment Date 
Term End Date 
Position Requirements 
Child Care CommissionJessica Porter 7/1/20246/30/2026Parent of Child in Day Care
Addictions Specialist Professional PracticeLauren Lucile Quick-Graham 7/1/20246/30/2027licensed addictions specialist professional selected from the allied mental health, substance use disorder and developmental disabilities treatment and prevention profession
Dietetics/NutritionBabbi Hawkins 7/1/20246/30/2027Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist - Educator with a College/University in Field of Dietetics/Nutrition
Disciplinary Hearing CommissionMelissa A. Lovell 7/1/20246/30/2027Public Member
Executive Mansion Fine Arts CommitteeChancy Kapp 7/1/20246/30/2028At-large
Geologists, North Carolina BoardJoan Ann Smyth 7/1/20246/30/2027Consulting Geologist
MLK Jr. CommissionPhyllis Mack Horton 7/1/20246/30/2028At-large
MLK Jr. CommissionMarcus R. Bass 7/1/20246/30/2028At-large
Pesticide BoardDianne Farrer 7/1/20246/30/2028Representative Of Dept. Of Agriculture
Podiatry ExaminersBrian S. Stover 7/1/20246/30/2027Podiatrist Nominated By Board
Psychology BoardRobert E. Cochrane 7/1/20246/30/2027Licensed Psychologist Nominated by the North Carolina Psychological Association
Social Work CertificationYolanda Nichole Brown 7/1/20246/30/2027Public Member
Volunteerism and Community ServiceZiev Dalsheim-Kahane 6/25/20242/1/2027Designee from the Governor's Office
Blind, Commission for theDavid Dean Oberhart 6/13/20246/30/2026Blind/ Rep of Statewide Independent Living Council
Credit Union CommissionMichael Conlon 6/12/20247/15/2027Public Member
Credit Union CommissionDeborah H. Trotter 6/3/20247/15/20253+ years of experience as a credit union director or in management of state‑chartered credit unions
Local Governmental Emp. Retirement System (LGERS)Wilson S. Weaver II 5/31/20243/31/2028Law-enforcement Officer (employer participates in Retirement System)
Hispanic/Latino Affairs Advisory CouncilSaira Estrada 5/29/20249/30/2025At-large
Hispanic/Latino Affairs Advisory CouncilRicardo Bello Ball 5/29/20249/30/2025At-large
Morehead City Navigation and PilotageCharles Herty Piner III 5/14/20246/30/2025Maritime Interests Rep.
Local Governmental Emp. Retirement System (LGERS)Matthew M. Calabria 5/14/20243/31/2028County Commissioner participating in the Retirement System
Ports AuthorityJennifer Mundt 5/14/20246/30/2025At-large
Western Residence Board of DirectorsStiles Rader Rockey 5/10/2024 At-large
Western Residence Board of DirectorsLinda Marshall 5/10/2024 At-large
Western Residence Board of DirectorsKelsey Owle 5/10/2024 At-large
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