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List of recently appointed members to Boards and Commissions

Board Name 
Member Name 
Appointment Date 
Term End Date 
Position Requirements 
Radiation ProtectionDavid Bruce Rittlinger 9/15/2021 Department Of Insurance
Radiation ProtectionWilliam Ray 9/15/2021 Emergency Management of the Dept. of Crime Control and Public Safety
Deaf and Hard of HearingChristina Lynne Armfield 9/14/20216/30/2025Local Education Agency Representative
U.S.S. North Carolina BattleshipDerrick R. Drakeford 9/14/20214/1/2025At-large
Lottery CommissionRipley E. Rand 9/7/20218/31/2026Five years` experience in law enforcement
Lottery CommissionJoshua Malcolm 9/7/20218/31/2026At-Large
ICC Birth to FiveJoseph William Bartholomew 9/2/20216/30/2023Provider Of Early Intervention Services
U.S.S. North Carolina BattleshipVeronica A. Carter 9/2/20214/1/2025At-large
ICC Birth to FiveCornelia Singletary 9/2/20216/30/2023Div. of Social Services-Foster Care Rep./IDEA member requirement
Electrical Contractors State Board ofJeffrey J. Tracey, Jr. 9/1/20216/30/2028Public Member
U.S.S. North Carolina BattleshipMarcia R. Morgan, Ph.D. 9/1/20214/1/2025At-large
Foresters, State Board of RegistrationElizabeth Snider 8/31/20216/30/2024Registered Forester
Internship CouncilBailey L. Recktenwald 8/31/20216/30/2023Former Intern
Geographic Information Coordinating CouncilAllen Serkin 8/31/20215/31/2023Rep from Lead Regional Organizations
Crime CommissionMonika Johnson Hostler 8/31/20212/28/2022Rep. from a domestic violence or sexual assault program
Certified Public Accountant ExaminersMaria M. Lynch 8/30/20216/30/2024Public Member
James Sprunt Community CollegeKimberly Grigsby-Sessoms 8/30/20216/30/2025At-large
U.S.S. North Carolina BattleshipRubye Howard Braye 8/30/20214/1/2025At-large
Structural Pest Control CommitteeShawn Dwight Lucas 8/20/20216/30/2025Public Member / Unaffiliated With Pest Control Ind.
Forestry CouncilSam Cook 8/20/20216/30/2025Registered Forester Representing Primary Forest Products Industry
Blind, Commission for theFrederick McEachern 8/19/20216/30/2023Rep. for Disability Advocacy Group (Blind)
Public Librarian CertificationNina Chaffin 8/19/20216/30/2025Nominated By N. C. Library Association
Economic Development PartnershipMichelle P. Logan 8/19/202110/3/2024expertise in biotechnology or life sciences
Blind, Commission for theTevin S. Price 8/18/20216/30/2024Representative of Business/Industry/and Labor
SILC - Statewide Independent Living CouncilVicki Smith 8/16/20218/15/2024CIL Director
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