Recent Appointments

List of recently appointed members to Boards and Commissions

Board Name 
Member Name 
Appointment Date 
Term End Date 
Position Requirements 
Arts CouncilDeWayne A. Barton 9/30/20196/30/2022At-large
Veterans AffairsLovay Wallace-Singleton 9/30/20196/30/2021Rep. Of 3rd Congressional District
Arts CouncilEdward P. Norvell 9/26/20196/30/2022At-large
Arts CouncilPatrick L. Torres 9/26/20196/30/2022At-large
Crime CommissionCharles E. Brown 9/25/20193/1/2020Chief District Court Judge
Children With Special Health Care NeedsSavithri Nageswaran 9/25/20196/30/2021Licensed pediatrician, provides services for special needs children, rec. by Pediatric Society of NC
South Piedmont Community CollegeMichael J. Lutes 9/25/20196/30/2020Union County Resident
Disciplinary Hearing CommissionBrian Austin Farkas 9/25/20196/30/2022Public Member
Sedimentation Control CommissionSusan Foster 9/23/20196/30/2022NC Home Builders Association Representative
Arts CouncilEric J. Lindstrom 9/20/20196/30/2022At-large
Arts CouncilGina V. Esquivel 9/20/20196/30/2022At-large
Arts CouncilHenry H. Walston 9/20/20196/30/2022At-large
Arts CouncilMargaret Emory Haynes 9/20/20196/30/2022At-large
Disciplinary Hearing CommissionSynthia Scott Kearney 9/20/20196/30/2022Public Member
Rural Electrification AuthorityMitzie S. Branon 9/20/20196/30/2023At-large
Dietetics/NutritionAmy D. Beros 9/19/20196/30/2022Public Member
Edenton Historical CommissionMary Jo Sellers 9/19/2019 At-large
Edenton Historical CommissionLisa Baker 9/19/2019 At-large
Library CommissionRicky A. Woods 9/19/20196/30/2023At-large
Library CommissionDorothy Rapp 9/19/20196/30/2023At-large
Aging, Governor`s Advisory Council onEdwin Rosenberg 9/18/20196/30/2021At-large
Alarm Systems Licensing BoardRobert Wike Graham II9/17/20196/30/2022Public Member
Sedimentation Control CommissionRobert J. Conner 9/17/20196/30/2022Mining Commission Representative
Sedimentation Control CommissionMarion Elliott Deerhake 9/17/20196/30/2022Environmental Management Commission Representative
Aging, Governor`s Advisory Council onJan Busby-Whitehead 9/12/20196/30/2021At-large
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