Crime Commission

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Board Website 
Board Website
Long Name 
Governor`s Crime Commission
Public Safety
Governor Appointments 
Total Board Positions 
Cite Name 
N.C. Gen. Stat.
Cite Number 
§ 143B-1100
Term Length 
3 years
The Crime Commission advises the governor on matters related to the criminal justice system and makes recommendations for improving the justice system, protecting individual rights and promoting public safety. The commission has 37 voting members and 5 nonvoting members.

Current Members

Member Name 
Appointment Date 
Term End Date 
Term Type 
Matthew C. Scott 4/12/20192/28/2022LimitedDistrict Attorney
Virginia Lee Jicha 7/3/20192/28/2022LimitedKnowledge of juvenile delinquency and the public school system
Lauren Smith 6/7/20182/28/2024LimitedCitizen Under Age 21 at the time of their appointment
Christopher J. Suggs 8/30/20162/28/2024LimitedCitizen Under Age 21 at the time of their appointment
Bruce E. Stanley 6/8/20172/28/2023LimitedRep. Of Private Juvenile Delinquency Program
Patricia P. Lawler 5/3/20192/28/2022LimitedCitizen At-large
Hubert A. Peterkin 5/17/20192/28/2022LimitedCounty Government Official
Charles Blackwood 6/8/20172/28/2023LimitedCounty Government Official
Karen Howard 7/13/20182/28/2024LimitedCounty Government Official
Anthony D. Kelly 2/11/20212/28/2023LimitedMunicipal Government Official
Vacant9/4/20202/28/2023LimitedMunicipal Government Official
James D. Williams Jr.4/17/20192/28/2022LimitedDefense Attorney
Patrice V. Andrews 8/30/20162/28/2024LimitedMunicipal Government Official
Thomas H. Lock 5/5/20212/28/2024LimitedSuperior Court Judge
Charles E. Brown 9/25/20192/28/2023LimitedChief District Court Judge
Mary F. Covington 5/5/20212/28/2024LimitedDistrict Court Judge/Juvenile Justice
Rebecca C. Spragins 5/5/20212/28/2024LimitedClerk of Superior Court
Robert A. Evans 3/2/2017 Pleasure of The GovernorGovernor`s Designee
Leto Copeley 4/12/20193/1/2022LimitedAdvocate for victims of all crimes
Monika Johnson Hostler 8/31/20212/28/2022LimitedRep. from a domestic violence or sexual assault program
Alan Glenn Cloninger 1/31/20112/28/2022LimitedSheriff
Hans J. Miller 8/26/20192/28/2022LimitedSheriff
J. Keith Stone 5/5/20132/28/2024LimitedSheriff
Michael G. Yaniero 3/5/20142/28/2023LimitedPolice Executive
Daniel L. House Jr.6/8/20172/28/2023LimitedPolice Executive
Matthew James Cooper 6/8/20172/28/2024LimitedPolice Executive
Julius H. Corpening II4/17/20192/28/2022LimitedKnowledge of juvenile delinquency and the public school system

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