Underground Damage Prevention Review Board

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Board Website
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Underground Damage Prevention Review Board
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N.C. Gen. Stat.
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§ 87-129
Term Length 
4 years, 2 consecutive
The Notification Center shall transmit all reports of alleged violations of this Article to the Board, including any information received by the Notification Center regarding the report. The Board shall meet at least quarterly to review all reports filed pursuant to G.S. 87-120(e). The Board shall act as an arbitrator between the parties to the report. If, after reviewing the report and any accompanying information, the Board determines that a violation of this Article has occurred, the Board shall notify the violating party in writing of its determination and the recommended penalty. The violating party may request a hearing before the Board, after which the Board may reverse or uphold its original finding. If the Board recommends a penalty, the Board shall notify the Utilities Commission of the recommended penalty, and the Utilities Commission shall issue an order imposing the penalty.

Current Members

Member Name 
Appointment Date 
Term End Date 
Term Type 
Tucker Martin 5/19/20201/1/2022LimitedRepresentative from the North Carolina Department of Transportation
Frederick Myles Young Jr. 2/20/20201/1/2024LimitedPublic utilities contractor licensed under G.S. 87-10(b)(3) who does not own or operate facilities
Hope Shelton Morgan 2/1/20199/30/2022LimitedSurveyor licensed under Chapter 89C of the General Statutes
Lisa D. Smith-Perri 12/28/20189/30/2022LimitedRepresentative from a rural water system
Tony Konsul 4/6/20211/1/2024LimitedRepresentative from an investor-owned water system
W. Greg Puckett 11/25/20149/30/2022LimitedRepresentative from an electric membership corporation
Jonathan Holt 12/28/20189/30/2022LimitedRepresentative from a cable company
Christopher A. Russ 5/9/20199/30/2022LimitedRepresentative from a facility contract locator
Louis Panzer 10/1/20149/30/2022LimitedRepresentative from the Notification Center
Rufus Stanley Jackson 5/6/20191/1/2024LimitedRepresentative from an electric public utility
Richard A. Gould 10/1/20149/30/2022LimitedRepresentative from the telecommunications industry
Megan Plassman Riley 12/28/20189/30/2022LimitedRepresentative from a natural gas utility
William Thomas West Sr11/26/20149/30/2022LimitedRepresentative from a hazardous liquid transmission pipeline company
William Wheeler 2/27/20199/30/2022LimitedRepresentative recommended by the League of Municipalities
Benjamin Lanier 5/15/20191/1/2024LimitedHighway Contractor licensed under G.S. 87-10(b)(2) who does not own or operate facilities

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