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Board Website
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North Carolina Military Affairs Commission
Governor's Office
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N.C. Gen. Stat.
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§ 143B-1311
Term Length 
2 years
The Commission shall provide advice, counsel, and recommendations to the Governor, the General Assembly, the Secretary of Commerce, and other State agencies on initiatives, programs, and legislation that will continue and increase the role that North Carolina`s military installations, the National Guard, and the Reserves play in America`s defense strategy and the economic health and vitality of the State.

Current Members

Member Name 
Appointment Date 
Term End Date 
Term Type 
Jonathan David Flaspoehler 3/5/20247/31/2025LimitedPublic Member
Sidney A. Brooks Sr. 1/24/20247/31/2025Limitedretired military residing near Ft. Liberty
Kathy K. Jensen 9/17/20217/31/2025LimitedPublic Member
Carolyn Rose Closs 8/7/20237/31/2025LimitedPublic Member
Arnold N. Gordon-Bray 2/8/20197/31/2024LimitedPublic Member
David Hayden 11/22/20177/31/2025LimitedPublic Member
Rodney O. Anderson 9/5/20197/31/2025LimitedPublic Member
Angelia J. Washington 9/17/20217/31/2024LimitedRetired military residing near Cherry Point
Ryan Keith McGill 10/3/20227/31/2025LimitedNC resident who is a current or retired Member of the NC National Guard
Robert S. Cooley Jr. 10/3/20227/31/2025LimitedNC resident who is a current or retired member of a reserver component of the Air Force, Army, Navy
Joseph L. Houle 6/15/20217/31/2024LimitedRetired military residing near Camp Lejeune
Walter David Ham 10/19/20217/31/2024Limitedretired military living near Seymour Johnson Air Force Base
George G. Bonner 3/16/20227/31/2025Limitedretired military from the Coast Guard

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