Children With Special Health Care Needs

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Board Website
Long Name 
Commission on Children with Special Health Care Needs
Health and Human Services
Governor Appointments 
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Cite Name 
N.C. Gen. Stat.
Cite Number 
§ 143-682
Term Length 
2 years
The commission monitors and evaluates the availability and provision of health services to special needs children in North Carolina and monitors and evaluates services provided under the Health Insurance Program for Children.

Current Members

Member Name 
Appointment Date 
Term End Date 
Term Type 
Alyce G. Luna 9/28/20216/30/2025LimitedA parent of a special needs child w/chronic illness
Tracey Vann Hawkins 1/24/20226/30/2024LimitedA parent of a special needs child w/a developmental disability or behavioral disorder
Melissa R. Johnson 8/15/20196/30/2024LimitedA licensed psychologist recommended by the NC Psychological Association
Mark A. Mattioli 8/29/20186/30/2024LimitedA licensed psychiatrist recommended by the NC Psychiatric Association
Savithri Nageswaran 7/14/20236/30/2025LimitedRepresentative of one of the children`s hospitals in NC, recommended by Pediatric Society of NC
Charlotte Riddle 7/18/20236/30/2025LimitedLicensed pediatrician, provides services for special needs children, rec. by Pediatric Society of NC
Anna Martin 7/19/20236/30/2025LimitedLocal public health director, recommended by Association of Local Health Directors
Kristin M. Bell 11/16/20226/30/2024LimitedEducator providing education service to special needs child, rec by NC Council Admin of Special Ed.
Bryan Cobb 10/6/20206/30/2024LimitedLicensed Dentist provides services to children w/special needs, rec. by NC Dental Society

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