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Board Website
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North Carolina State Museum of Natural Sciences Advisory Commission
Natural and Cultural Resources
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Cite Name 
N.C. Gen. Stat.
Cite Number 
§ 143B-135.215
Term Length 
4 Years - 3 consecutive
The commission formulates policies for the advancement of the State Museum of Natural Sciences and assists in promoting and developing wider and more effective use of the museum as an educational, scientific and historical exhibit.

Current Members

Member Name 
Appointment Date 
Term End Date 
Term Type 
Theresa McCoy 3/21/20148/31/2021LimitedAt-Large
Elizabeth Conner Sherlin 1/30/20188/31/2021LimitedAt-large
Phillip R. Westmoreland 4/16/20148/31/2021LimitedAt-large
Rhonda Hubbard Beatty 1/30/20188/31/2021LimitedAt-large
Zeel Ashok Patel 1/30/20188/31/2021LimitedAt-large
Thomas W. Earnhardt 3/17/20178/31/2021LimitedAt-Large
Rebeka A. Branagan 12/10/20188/31/2022LimitedAt-Large
Creighton P. Blackwell 12/10/20188/31/2022LimitedAt-large
Brenda H. Pollard 1/30/20188/31/2021LimitedAt-large
Ann Smith 1/30/20188/31/2021LimitedAt-large
Kelvin C. Harris 1/30/20188/31/2021LimitedAt-large
Sterling Fulton 12/10/20188/31/2022LimitedAt-large
Hailey Ferrell Lail 12/10/20188/31/2022LimitedAt-Large
Margaret Rader 12/10/20188/31/2022LimitedAt-Large
Thomas R. Easley 3/20/20188/31/2021LimitedAt-large
Ada Lopez 1/30/20188/31/2021LimitedAt-large
Anna Clay McAdams Kroboth 12/10/20188/31/2022LimitedAt-large
Dorsey Tobias 12/10/20188/31/2022LimitedAt-large
Shanna Windham 12/10/20188/31/2022LimitedAt-large
Carl L. Wilkins Jr.11/23/20168/31/2022LimitedAt-large
Carly Cooke 12/10/20188/31/2022LimitedAt Large
Alison Adams Durham 12/10/20188/31/2022LimitedAt Large
Anne Russell Caywood 11/22/20168/31/2022LimitedAt Large
Amy Locklear Hertel 12/10/20188/31/2022LimitedAt Large
James M. Lewis 12/10/20188/31/2022LimitedAt-Large
Barden Culbreth 12/10/20188/31/2022LimitedAt Large
Hollins Clark 3/31/20148/31/2021LimitedAt-large
Christina N. Williams 10/27/20168/31/2022LimitedAt-large
Bernadette Healy Goodnight 12/8/20208/31/2024LimitedAt-Large
Lauren G. Cole 12/8/20208/31/2024LimitedAt-Large
Claude E. Summers II12/10/20188/31/2022LimitedAt-large
Jose Chavez 1/30/20188/31/2021LimitedAt-large
Rodney McCormick 12/10/20188/31/2022LimitedAt-large
Janis V. McLaughlin 1/30/20188/31/2021LimitedAt-large
Anthony G. Calamai 4/15/20148/31/2021LimitedAt-large

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