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Governor's Western Residence Board of Directors
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The Board of Directors provides support to the State in the use and maintenance of the Governor`s Western Residence. They work to maintain the residence as a meeting location for civic and cultural groups in the western part of the state. Members also increase awareness of State government through expanded use of the residence and receive and maintain funds of real or personal property. The board has 15 members. They are all appointed by the governor.

Current Members

Member Name 
Appointment Date 
Term End Date 
Term Type 
Dorian Palmer 10/17/2022 Pleasure of The GovernorAt-large
Vacant9/19/2017 Pleasure of The GovernorAt-large
Honor Moor 7/12/2023 Pleasure of The GovernorAt-large
June L. Ray 9/19/2017 Pleasure of The GovernorAt-Large
Jo Bailey Sitton 9/19/2017 Pleasure of The GovernorAt-Large
Yona Wade 9/19/2017 Pleasure of The GovernorAt-Large
Jennifer Caldwell Vogel 6/23/2022 Pleasure of The GovernorAt-Large
Beth Brody 10/17/2022 Pleasure of The GovernorAt-large
Ashley H. Smathers 10/17/2022 Pleasure of The GovernorAt-large
Joan Creasman 9/19/2017 Pleasure of The GovernorAt-large
Jewell E. Wilson 9/19/2017 Pleasure of The GovernorAt-large
N. Douglas Beach Jr.9/19/2017 Pleasure of The GovernorAt-large
Ken Brody 10/17/2022 Pleasure of The GovernorAt-large
Terry M. Bellamy 9/19/2017 Pleasure of The GovernorAt-large
Nancy H. Hunter 3/30/2023 Pleasure of The GovernorAt-large

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