Historic Murfreesboro Commission

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Board Website 
Board Website
Long Name 
Historic Murfreesboro Commission
Natural and Cultural Resources
Governor Appointments 
Total Board Positions 
Cite Name 
N.C. Gen. Stat.
Cite Number 
§ 143B-110
Term Length 
5 Years
The commission acquires, preserves and restores historic properties in Murfreesboro. There are 34 members on the commission, each serving a five-year term. The governor appoints 30 members.

Current Members

Member Name 
Appointment Date 
Term End Date 
Term Type 
   Pleasure of The GovernorTrustee Emeritus
Elizabeth J. Webster 4/12/20173/1/2027LimitedAt-large
Don Joyner 5/30/20233/1/2028LimitedAt-large
Carole H. Farnham 6/6/20123/1/2028LimitedAt-large
Andrew A. Wilson 3/2/20233/1/2028LimitedAt-large
James E. Moore 9/17/20123/1/2029LimitedAt-large
Lillie White 3/21/20193/1/2029LimitedAt-Large
Deborah Redding Hill 3/2/20233/1/2028LimitedAt-large
Amy Annette Snipes 3/21/20193/1/2029LimitedAt-large
Sara J. Crowder 3/14/20243/1/2029LimitedAt-large
Susan F. Woodward 3/16/20213/1/2029LimitedAt-large
Lisa L. Turner 8/1/20073/1/2025LimitedAt-large
Alton Parker 2/23/20163/1/2027LimitedAt-large
Sandra H. Stephenson 11/14/20223/1/2025LimitedAt-large
Betty Mann 3/21/20143/1/2029LimitedAt-large
James M. Eason 3/8/20103/1/2025LimitedAt-large
Jacquelyn Ruffin Pittman 4/16/20203/1/2025LimitedAt-large
Cecil Hollomon, Jr. 9/5/20233/1/2025LimitedAt-large
Berna Stephens 3/2/20213/1/2026LimitedAt-large
Frances M. Bunch 6/4/20013/1/2025LimitedAt-large
Erin Carroll Faile 3/3/20093/1/2026LimitedAt-large
Joseph Thomas Twine 4/21/20203/1/2025LimitedAt-large
Mary Booker Daniel 5/24/20183/1/2026LimitedAt-large
Mary Harrell 4/11/20223/1/2027LimitedAt-large
Matthew Howell 12/21/20163/1/2026LimitedAt-large
Edna J. Hammel 10/9/2014 Pleasure of The GovernorEmeritus Member
June Ward 10/22/2012 Pleasure of The GovernorEmeritus Member
John B. Parker 4/12/20063/1/2027LimitedAt-large
Lynn Johnson 4/18/20173/1/2027LimitedAt-large
John Richard Parker 4/11/20173/1/2027LimitedAt-large
Daryl Kent Williams 3/2/20233/1/2028LimitedAt-large
Sylvia F. Anderson 4/26/20163/1/2028LimitedAt-large
Elicia T. Revelle 3/2/20233/1/2028LimitedAt-large

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