Andrea Harris Social, Economic, Environmental, and Health Equity Task Force

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Secretary Machelle Sanders7/13/2020 Pleasure of The GovernorDOA Secretary, who shall be the Chair of the Task Force
Benjamin Money 7/13/2020 Pleasure of The GovernorDHHS Sec. or designee
Cornell Wright 7/13/2020 Pleasure of The GovernorDirector of the NC Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities or designee
Dionne D. Delli-Gatti 3/8/2021 Pleasure of The GovernorDEQ Secretary or designee
Gregory A. Richardson 7/13/2020 Pleasure of The GovernorCommission on Indian Affairs Member
Andrés F. Henao 7/13/2020 Pleasure of The GovernorHispanic Latino Advisory Council Member
Annette R. Taylor 7/13/2020 Pleasure of The GovernorNC Council for Women Advisory Board Member
Stephanie G. McGarrah 7/13/2020 Pleasure of The GovernorMember of the NC Pandemic Recovery Office
Pat Martinez 7/13/2020 Pleasure of The GovernorCommission on Inclusion Member
Lenora Richardson Campbell 7/13/2020 Pleasure of The GovernorNC Historically Black College or University Rep.
Margaret Weller-Stargell 7/13/2020 Pleasure of The GovernorAt-large

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