Volunteerism and Community Service

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Board Website
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North Carolina Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service
Governor's Office
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Exec. Order
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No. 186, which was issued 31 December, 2020
Term Length 
3 year terms
Encourage and recognize community service and volunteer participation as a means of community and state problem-solving; to promote and support voluntary citizen engagement in government and private programs throughout the state; to develop a long-term, comprehensive vision and plan of action for community service initiatives in NC; and to serve as the State`s liaison to national and state organizations that support its mission.

Current Members

Member Name 
Appointment Date 
Term End Date 
Term Type 
Jenice Ramirez-Garvin 2/23/20232/1/2024LimitedExpertise in the educational, training and developmental needs of youth, particularly disadvantaged
Cheryl D. Parquet 3/11/20192/1/2026LimitedRepresentative of business
Travis B. Broadhurst 8/28/20142/1/2024LimitedBetween the age 16 & 25 who is a supervisor or recipient in a volunteer or service program
Ellen D. Whitlock 2/14/20122/1/2024LimitedRepresentative of a national service program described in Section 122(a) of the US Public Law 103-82
Caroline Ledlie 8/3/20212/1/2025LimitedRep Corporation for National and Community Service described in Sec 122(a) of PL 103-82
Natalia M. Botella 11/8/20212/1/2024LimitedDesignee from the Governor`s Office
Joseph Blosser 4/7/20212/1/2024LimitedA rep. of the service-learning community
Tammy Renee Cobb 4/7/20212/1/2024LimitedMember selected among local educators
Heather L. Black 2/6/20232/1/2025LimitedExpert in delivery of human, educational, environment, homeland sec or public safety services
Angelo D. Williams II7/9/20182/1/2025LimitedExpert in delivery of human, educational, environment, homeland sec or public safety services
Mary Ann Bender LeRay 5/9/20192/1/2026LimitedExperience in promoting the involvement of older adults in service and volunteerism
Amber Smith 6/1/20172/1/2024LimitedRepresentative of a community-based, nonprofit agency or organization within the State
Shinica Thomas 11/7/20192/1/2025LimitedSuperintendent of the Department of Public Instruction, or designee
Kathleen W. Evans 4/28/20222/1/2025LimitedRepresentative from the volunteer sector
Brandon E. Heffinger 11/21/20192/1/2024LimitedRepresentative of the Military or Veterans
Paul Kent Langston 2/6/20232/1/2026LimitedRepresentative of the faith community
Timothy Edward Radford 3/18/20222/1/2025LimitedRepresentative from Local Governments in the State
Yvonne Kinston 6/1/20172/1/2026LimitedRepresentative of local labor organizations in the State

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