Medical Care Commission

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Board Website 
Board Website
Long Name 
North Carolina Medical Care Commission
Health and Human Services
Governor Appointments 
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Cite Name 
N.C. Gen. Stat.
Cite Number 
§ 143B-166
Term Length 
4 Years
The Medical Care Commission adopts statewide plans for the construction and maintenance of hospitals, medical centers and other health care facilities. The commission has 17 members, each serving a four-year term. All members are appointed by the governor.

Current Members

Member Name 
Appointment Date 
Term End Date 
Term Type 
John A. Fagg 11/25/20036/30/2023LimitedNominated By N C Medical Society
Sally Boyette Cone 8/22/20196/30/2023LimitedAt-large
Lisa A. Tolnitch 2/14/20226/30/2024LimitedAt-large
Neel Thomas 7/14/20206/30/2024LimitedAt-large
Joseph D. Crocker 7/1/19886/30/2024LimitedAt-large
Karen E. Moriarty 10/4/20176/30/2025LimitedAt-large
Jeffrey S. Wilson 9/21/20176/30/2025LimitedAt-large / Home Health Care
Paul R.G. Cunningham 9/21/20176/30/2025LimitedAt-large
David Crisler Mayer 11/16/20226/30/2026LimitedAt-large
John J. Meier IV9/21/20176/30/2025LimitedNominated By N C Medical Society
Robert E. Schaaf 8/2/20056/30/2026LimitedNominated By NC Medical Society
Eileen C. Kugler 7/1/20106/30/2026LimitedNominated By N C Nurses Assoc.
Timothy D. Weber 2/7/20236/30/2026LimitedNominated By N C Association of Pharmacists
Linwood B. Hollowell III4/13/20176/30/2025LimitedNominated By Duke Endowment
Kathy G. Barger 7/14/20206/30/2024LimitedNominated By N C Hospital Association
Ashley Lloyd 2/4/20196/30/2024LimitedDentist
Bryant Clifford Foriest 8/22/20196/30/2023LimitedAt-large

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