Historical Commission

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Board Website 
Board Website
Long Name 
North Carolina Historical Commission
Natural and Cultural Resources
Governor Appointments 
Total Board Positions 
Cite Name 
N.C. Gen. Stat.
Cite Number 
§ 143B-63
Term Length 
6 Years
The board advises and assists the Secretary of Cultural Resources and oversees the rules and regulations for acquisition, disposition, preservation, and use of materials of historical, archaeological, architectural or other cultural value.

Current Members

Member Name 
Appointment Date 
Term End Date 
Term Type 
Mary Lynn M. Bryan 5/31/2023 Ex OfficioNon-voting/Emeritus Member
Valerie Ann Johnson 7/7/20093/31/2027LimitedAt-large
Samuel Bobbitt Dixon 8/16/20133/31/2025LimitedProfessional Historian
Shana Bushyhead Condill 10/22/20213/31/2025LimitedProfessional Historian
William S. Powell 4/27/2001 Pleasure of The GovernorNon-voting/ Emeritus Status
Narvel Jim Crawford 5/1/2001 Pleasure of The GovernorNon-voting/ Emeritus Status
Max R. Williams 4/10/2003 Pleasure of The GovernorNon-voting/Emeritus Status
H. G. Jones 4/27/2001 Pleasure of The GovernorNon-voting/ Emeritus Status
David C. Dennard 4/9/20093/31/2027LimitedProfessor Of History
William Noah Reynolds 7/14/20173/31/2029LimitedAt-large
David H. Ruffin 7/14/20173/31/2029LimitedAt-large
Barbara Blythe Snowden 7/14/20173/31/2029LimitedAt-large
Susanna Michele Lee 4/18/20233/31/2029LimitedProfessor Of History
Susan Jackson Phillips 5/13/20193/31/2025LimitedAt-large
Barbara L. Groome 10/22/20213/31/2025LimitedProfessor Of History
John Newell Clark II 4/29/20213/31/2027LimitedAt-Large

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