Historic Hillsborough Commission

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Board Website 
Board Website
Long Name 
Historic Hillsborough Commission
Natural and Cultural Resources
Governor Appointments 
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Cite Name 
N.C. Gen. Stat.
Cite Number 
§ 143B-106
Term Length 
6 Years
The commission preserves and restores the Town of Hillsborough as a living, functioning, educational, and historical exhibit of North Carolina`s early life and times. It acquires, disposes of, repairs, restores and improves historical properties, prepares a history of the town and writes, compiles, publishes or sponsors historical works that pertain to the town. There are 40 members on the commission, each serving a six-year term. The governor appoints all members.

Current Members

Member Name 
Appointment Date 
Term End Date 
Term Type 
Beverly A. Scarlett 10/8/202110/1/2027LimitedAt-large
Melinda A. Meschko 10/11/202310/1/2029LimitedAt-large
Peter Sandbeck 11/12/202010/1/2029LimitedAt-large
Lesley Hope Thurling 10/11/202310/1/2029LimitedAt-large
Rodney Mayo 10/11/202310/1/2029LimitedAt-large
Jennifer Dene Gephart 10/11/202310/1/2029LimitedAt-large
William Craft Abbotts 11/2/202110/1/2029LimitedAt-large
Janie C. Morris 9/25/201210/1/2024LimitedAt-large
Bonita Alexander 1/2/201810/1/2023LimitedAt-large
Jean C. Brooks 12/29/201710/1/2025LimitedAt-large
Matthew G. Hughes 10/8/202110/1/2027LimitedAt-large
Martha Jenkins 10/29/201310/1/2025LimitedAt-large
Jackie W. Sykes 12/12/201910/1/2025LimitedAt-large
Phyllis Mack Horton 11/15/202110/1/2025LimitedAt-large
Cathleen D. Turner 11/10/202110/1/2025LimitedAt-large
Virginia Ivey Ferguson 10/11/201610/1/2025LimitedAt-large
Sharon Snider Ringwalt 10/5/202010/1/2025LimitedAt-large
Felton Foushee 8/12/202210/1/2027LimitedAt-large
Sara Stephens 9/15/200410/1/2028LimitedAt-large
Vickie McDaniel 10/29/201410/1/2028LimitedAt-large
Jacquelin Liggins 10/31/202210/1/2028LimitedAt large
Adam Warren Cheshire 10/31/202210/1/2028LimitedAt-large
Stephen D. Peck 10/12/201610/1/2028LimitedAt large
Kenneth S. Billings 10/8/202110/1/2027LimitedAt-large
William Harris 11/21/202210/1/2027LimitedAt-large
Kathie Lynch Brown 10/8/202110/1/2027LimitedAt-large
Kenneth Ostrand 10/8/202110/1/2027LimitedAt-large
Nancy Espersen 10/8/202110/1/2027LimitedAt-large
Richard Lawrence Hill 11/2/202110/1/2027LimitedAt-large

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