Certified Public Accountant Examiners

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Board Website 
Board Website
Long Name 
North Carolina State Board of Certified Public Accountant Examiners
Governor Appointments 
Total Board Positions 
Cite Name 
N.C. Gen. Stat.
Cite Number 
§ 93-12
Term Length 
3 Years
The board is responsible for granting and annually renewing certificates of qualification to CPAs and CPA firms who meet the legal requirements. Members oversee the administration of uniform CPA examinations, administer the State quality review program and adopt rules of professional ethics and conduct to be observed by CPAs. The board has 7 members, each serving a three-year term. The governor appoints all members.

Current Members

Member Name 
Appointment Date 
Term End Date 
Term Type 
Gary R. Massey 7/26/20186/30/2024LimitedCertified Public Accountant
Jodi K. Kruse 7/28/20216/30/2024LimitedCertified Public Accountant
Bernita W. Demery 7/10/20196/30/2025LimitedCertified Public Accountant
Arthur M. Winstead Jr. 7/19/20176/30/2023LimitedCertified Public Accountant
Donald Michael Payseur CPA 8/3/20226/30/2025LimitedCertified Public Accountant
Maria M. Lynch 8/30/20216/30/2024LimitedPublic Member
Jennifer K. Van Zant 7/31/20196/30/2025LimitedPublic Member

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