Cancer Coordination and Control

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Board Website
Long Name 
North Carolina Advisory Committee on Cancer Coordination and Control
Health and Human Services
Governor Appointments 
Total Board Positions 
Cite Name 
N.C. Gen. Stat.
Cite Number 
§ 130A-33.50
Term Length 
4 Years - 2 consecutive
The committee recommends to the secretary of the N. C. Department of Health and Human Services a plan for the statewide implementation of an interagency comprehensive coordinated cancer control program and identifies and examines the limitations and problems associated with existing laws, regulations, programs and services related to cancer control. The committee also examines financing and access to cancer control services for North Carolina citizens.

Current Members

Member Name 
Appointment Date 
Term End Date 
Term Type 
Frances M. Nilsen 12/7/20218/31/2025LimitedDEQ Representative
Rachel E. Raab 9/8/20238/31/2027LimitedNC Medical Society Cancer Committee Representative
Ira Q. Smith 9/30/20208/31/2024LimitedOld North State Medical Society, Representative
Molly C. Black 9/12/20198/31/2025LimitedAmerican Cancer Society, NC Division, Inc. Representative
Ryan Todd Hickey 11/19/20198/31/2023LimitedNC Hospital Association Representative
Iulia Vann 9/28/20238/31/2027LimitedLocal Health Directors Association, Representative
Vickie A. Fowler 4/16/20188/31/2025LimitedLicensed Primary Care Physician
Richard L. White, Jr. 6/21/20238/31/2026LimitedAmerican College of Surgeons Representative
Sayyad Yaseen Zia 12/12/20228/31/2026LimitedNC Oncology Society Representative
Deanna M. Gibson 11/16/20228/31/2026LimitedAssociation of NC Cancer Registrars
Rajanish Singla 11/21/20238/31/2026LimitedMedical Directors of NC Association of Health Plans Representative
Kimberly McDonald 3/20/20238/31/2027LimitedDHHS Representative
Margaret S. Abrams 4/16/20188/31/2025LimitedAt-Large
Daniel R. Carrizosa 9/1/20188/31/2026LimitedAt-Large
Mahvish Muzaffar 9/30/20208/31/2024LimitedAt-Large
Frankie D. Powell 9/1/20188/31/2026LimitedAt-Large
Ellen Essick 10/25/20168/31/2024LimitedDepartment Of Public Instruction Representative
Lori H. Byrd 9/12/20198/31/2025LimitedNC Community College System Representative
Daniel S. Reuland 2/17/20218/31/2027LimitedUNC School Of Medicine Cancer Control Program Representative
Nadine J. Barrett 2/6/20248/31/2027LimitedBowman Gray School of Medicine (Wake Forest University) Cancer Control Program Representative
Nadine J. Barrett 6/5/20238/31/2025LimitedDuke University School Of Medicine Cancer Control Program Representative
Jhalak Dholakia 2/6/20248/31/2025LimitedECU School Of Medicine Cancer Control Program Representative
Ernestine Lucrecia Quick 9/21/20218/31/2025LimitedOncology Nurse Representing the Nurses Association

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