Historic Bath Commission

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Board Website
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Historic Bath Commission
Natural and Cultural Resources
Governor Appointments 
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Cite Name 
N.C. Gen. Stat.
Cite Number 
§ 143B-102
Term Length 
5 Years
The commission acquires, disposes, restores, and maintains historic properties in and near the Town of Bath in Beaufort County and assists and advises the secretary of the Department of Cultural Resources on the administration of the Bath State Historic Site. The commission has 28 members, each serving a five-year term. The governor appoints 25 members.

Current Members

Member Name 
Appointment Date 
Term End Date 
Term Type 
Walter B. Cates 9/12/20166/30/2021LimitedAt-large
Surry P. Everett 10/17/20076/30/2022LimitedAt-large
Alice Sadler 12/11/20196/30/2023LimitedAt-large
Seth A. Effron 7/15/20196/30/2023LimitedAt-large
Carol Boyd Tillman 7/15/20196/30/2023LimitedAt-large
Terry Everett 7/15/20196/30/2023LimitedAt-large
Watsi M. Sutton 1/7/20206/30/2023LimitedAt-large
Ashley B. Futrell Jr.7/15/20196/30/2024LimitedAt-large
Alvin D. Powell 7/15/20196/30/2024LimitedAt-large
Kevin Chandler 7/16/20196/30/2024LimitedAt-large
Peggy Daw 7/1/20046/30/2024LimitedAt-large
Charles R. Ewen 4/1/20116/30/2021LimitedAt-large
Hale H. Stephenson 7/15/20196/30/2024LimitedAt-large
James C. Caton 10/18/20166/30/2020LimitedAt-large
Jerry M. Waters 4/16/20186/30/2020LimitedAt-large
Karen Marie Jeffers-Sayer 5/30/20076/30/2020LimitedAt-large
Wayne W. Woolard 9/13/20166/30/2020LimitedAt-large
Jason T. Pair 7/29/20166/30/2021LimitedAt-large
Jasper C. Griffin Jr.10/11/20116/30/2021LimitedAt-large
Wilton R. Duke Jr.8/28/20166/30/2021LimitedAt-large
Jonathan G. Brooks 8/15/20166/30/2021LimitedAt-large
Leesa Payton Jones 4/16/20186/30/2022LimitedAt-large
Eugene L. Roberts Jr.4/16/20186/30/2022LimitedAt-large
Kenneth H. Friedlein 12/20/20196/30/2022LimitedAt-large
Eltha Booth 7/13/20186/30/2022LimitedAt-large

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