Child Well Being Transformation Council

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Board Website
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North Carolina Child Well-Being Transformation Council
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2018-5, Section 24.1
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ends June 30, 2020
The welfare of North Carolina's children is a priority. There are many public and private agencies and organizations across the State involved with promoting the welfare of children and protecting them from harm, such as those involving child care, education, health care, social services, and juvenile justice. Though these agencies and organizations provide important services, they often fail to collaborate, coordinate, and communicate about those services. A more systematic and coordinated approach to services will help ensure that the State achieves the best possible outcomes for children.

Current Members

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Ms. Anna Carter11/1/20186/30/2020LimitedRepresentative from DHHS, Division of Child Development and Early Education
Mrs. Lisa Tucker Cauley11/1/20186/30/2020LimitedRepresentative from DHHS, Division of Social Services
Mr. William L. Lassiter11/1/20186/30/2020LimitedRepresentative from DPS, Division of Juvenile Justice
Mr. Eric Mallory Harbour11/1/20186/30/2020LimitedRepresentative from DHHS, Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services
Ms. Cindy L. Bizzell11/1/20186/30/2020LimitedRepresentative from the Guardian ad Litem program
Ms. Virginia Knowlton Marcus11/1/20186/30/2020LimitedRepresentative from Disability Rights NC
Ms. Clarette H. Glenn3/7/20196/30/2020LimitedRepresentative from a local management entity/managed care organization (LME/MCO)
Dr. Susan M. Kansagra11/1/20186/30/2020LimitedRepresentative from DHHS, Division of Public Health, with expertise in substance abuse disorders
Dr. Kelly Kimple11/1/20186/30/2020LimitedRepresentative from DHHS, Division of Public Health, with expertise in children's health
Ms. Melissa Anne Clayton11/1/20186/30/2020LimitedRepresentative from DHHS, Division of Medical Assistance
Ms. Deana Joy11/1/20186/30/2020LimitedRepresentative from Children's Advocacy Centers of North Carolina
Mrs. Karen T. McLeod11/1/20186/30/2020LimitedRepresentative from the North Carolina Child Fatality Task Force

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